Me & Mehmet

The book has arrived! Now we can start this thing!

OK, so, instead of doing a personal blog AND I book blog, I have decided to do both. A 2-in-1 if you will. There are two reasons for this.
Reason 1: Most of the time I just wanted to blog about the cool book I was reading
Reason 2: The personal blog got pretty personal sometimes and I'd feel embarrassed by it. I wanted to keep my blogs pretty secret and would often just be an emotional blogger.

A lot of my 'emotional blogging' stemmed from me wanting to deal with my personal insecurities and finding an outlet to vent about it. So in high expectations, I have decided to start this book blog with a self-help book with the ultimate hope of dealing with some of that stuff and moving on to eventually write a decent blog that I wont want to erase when I go back and read it.

I have never actually read one before, so I'm not really sure what to expect. I don't know( and highly doubt) if reading this will change and fix me persé, but I am curious to see what happens, and invite you experience it with me :) I DO NOT intend on self-help books or books that will make me think about myself to be the theme of this blog- I just thought this would be a neat place to start.

The Book

I have chosen to read Dr.Oz & Dr.Roizen's YOU: Being Beautiful. In my last blog, I was trying a health theme, therefore, this all links together. The message of this book being that health is beauty, beauty is health. I'm not trying to be vain in reading this. I am just curious as to what it's about. I've always wanted to read a Dr.Oz book but never had the guts to pick it up in the store. To be honest I'm actually embarrassed to say this is the book I am reading but I am so excited to read it and share it with you!

I honestly was not a huge Dr.Oz fan to start with but his books do seem very interesting. The YOU:Staying Young, YOU:On a Diet, YOU: Raising Your Child, and YOU:Having a Baby really have no meaning to me whatsoever, but this one, the apparent ' owner's manual to inner and outer beauty' definitely cocked my eyebrow. So we'll see how this goes. Trial-and-error perhaps, but no deleting. I'm seeing this one through.

Here's the YouTube promo ad- OK I laughed its SO cheesy- but still I'm pumped to read this!