Chapter One. YOU-Quiz Fail.

Here we go on the YOU:Being Beautiful book. To be honest- I want it to be over! As you read through the next few posts, I'm sure you ll understand why!

Positively, I love how this books has a ton and a half elements in it like illustrations, quizzes, and fun facts, because for fucks sake its like a massive textbook on trying to become a better person! Pardon my Le French.

The intro describes finding authentic beauty, which apparently comes from "closing the gap" between the Current YOU and the Potential YOU. ( that's on page 9) The Current YOU, is being the who-you-are-right-now I guess, and the Potential YOU is who you aspire to become. The Quiz is supposed to measure how far off you are from your ideal self. I can tell you before even attempting this quiz I'm about 10 miles off! I am almost 24 now and I totally remember daydreaming as a teenager about what I'd be like at this age. Funny enough to me, I thought out of everything I'd be happier of all things. Happier and richer and have a 6-pack. Naturally. Anyways, on with this quiz!

It also says on page nine that this quiz is based on validated studies, ( although I havent seen or read them) and a world expert psychologist from the University of Texas ensured it's accuracy. hmmmmm. As you might be able to guess, I am always skeptical of these 'studies' and 'accuracies', having spent my fourth year of university learning how impossible it is to get research approved, and how specific you have to be to publish any sort of research in order to 'prove' or 'disprove' something. But OK Dr.Oz, I guess I'll believe you, and thanks for telling me instead of assuming I wouldn't care if the test was legit!!

It said to use pencil so you can re-take it... but I'm going to use black pen.

---Post Test--- hum the jeopardy theme if you must...
The YOU quiz shows you how close your current you and potential you are to being the same. So I have a YOU-Q of68. The highest (obviously near impossible) score of being your potential you-q is 160. The lowest is 15. The average for a women is a YOU-Q of 95, and for men 99... just to give you an idea about where my self-esteem is at. I knew it would be low, I obviously don't need a test for that, but I kind of thought in my head that it was humbling and almost a good thing to not think too highly of myself, but on a real level... i really don't think much of myself at all I guess, which isn't a good thing if I want to be more like my potential self. Maybe it's a good thing I'm reading this book!

At first,I was thinking though- I'm in my sweats, I haven't showered today, eaten a proper meal, conversed with anyone, put on makeup, or even deodorant for that matter. I'm going out for sushi ( my absolute favourite) at my favourite Campbell river restaurant WASABIYA tonight and I plan on dressing up a little. I wonder after a nice night out with Shaun, looking good, and maybe after a little 'sexy-time' if my score would change? Of course I would want it to, and I'm sure it would a little bit but to be honest I don't think self-esteem changes overnight. When I think about 'my current self' i don't think of done up Alana, I think of natural, homely, sitting at home in my sweats Alana. That's the Alana that I wish was more confident, and attractive.


  • Megan | July 10, 2011 at 7:16 PM

    I saw you were following my blog and I wanted to say thanks, so I came over and read this post and thought it was pretty interesting since I've never heard from anyone who's read this book. I worked in a bookstore for a long time and a lot of people bought it but they never came back to tell us what they thought and if it changed their perceptions of themselves after they read it.

    So now I'm curious how it will affect you and what you will end up thinking of it and yourself and I really hope it helps your self-esteem!

    By the way - I've found that getting dressed up a little, doing my hair, going out with friends and having some fun really does help up your mood. When I go out with my fiance after a bad day, he can usually end up cheering me up by taking me to dinner and then either wandering a store or coming home and watching a movie. So good luck to you!