4 Chapters.. get it over with!

Chapter 2- HAIR :)

I got this one in the bag I'm sure. I take uber god care of my hair. I personally think its my best feature and I'm even almost done growing out the dye so its Au natural. I have my own thing I do to keep it this way. The book really didn't mention anything I didn't already know. It talked a lot about male pattern baldness- can't say I have that, and little to do with much else. I do like the fun facts in this book, particularly the Safari Secrets- explaining to us animal behaviours similar to our own.
I love having long hair, even if it is hard to take care of. I have a big face so short hair looks a little silly on me. Shaun says he likes long hair too, which is good because I really don't want to cut it off. I would though, if he preferred it short.
My FAVOURITE shampoo lately is Aveeno Revitalize. My hair was showing signs of its usual summer dryness and then I brought it back to life with this stuff. Aveeno scores once again!

Chapter Three- Teeth!

I have always tried to take intense care of my chompers. I have had dental work before- a scary looking crank mechanism to widen my upper plate, and a couple years of braces. However you'd never know it. My mouth is slowly going to back to the way it was - even though things aren't supposed to move once you've finished growing. Anyways, after all of that pain and my parents savings not-so-well-spent, I have come to HATE going to the dentist. Especially now that I don't have any benefits. It just costs way too much for me. My jaw still cracks and I remember at some point being referred to a jaw surgeon for evaluation, but I heard jaw surgery is the most painful thing on the planet- the thought of having it wired shut just makes my skin crawl. So I'm suffering with the aches of jaw pain for now. Until maybe one day I can brave the thought of getting it fixed. I heard it can cause gum disease ( Although you'd never be able to tell I can see the beginnings of it already- hence why I have been taking extremely good care of these guys lately) and headaches. Mostly its just kind of achy, and more I think about it-the worse it is. I need a sonic toothbrush. I also read mouth breathing is bad for you ( I mouth breath at night) because it dries out the enamel to create gingivitis and bone decay. Great. How much are dentures these days?

Chapter 4- hands and feet - I basically found this chapter kind of meaningless, taking care of these things just takes time. I like the look of clean hands, so I try to keep mine nice. Favourite product being Herbacin Hand Cream, and I like the Burt's Bees foot cream. page 125 talks about the dangers of high-heels and pedicures- can't afford either of those anyway.

Chapter 5- Body Shape
So last week I was feeling particularly bad about myself. I was really tired and everything was just getting to me. Anyways, Shaun took me for a walk- it was really nice out and I tried to look cute by wearing a tube top and shorts, even though I don't really like showing all that skin. I was just trying to get his attention I guess. Anyways, as we were on this decent walk I brought up my unhappiness with my body. I haven't done this (reeaaallly tried not to) in a long time because I think it annoys him, but trying to be open, I decided to share my thoughts about how horrible I thought I've been looking like lately. And guess what he said?..... Nothing.

Even though it was shady where we were, I pulled down my shades and shed a couple silent tears so he wouldn't notice. I was totally hurt. But it's true. I need a little work.

We've all heard of the 'pear shape is better than apple shape' metaphor for our bodies. And I'm a total apple baby. All of my weight is carried in my stomach area.
Waist-to-hip ratio. That's all the buzz these days and apparently just as important as BMI. I have heard you want at least a .8ratio which is usually awesome because that's me but guess what!? This lovely book I'm reading says ideally you're looking for a .7. SWEET DOCTOR OZ THANKS FOR MAKING ME FEEL LIKE SHIT. that is all. I hate this chapter.how badly I want the "jaguar like sleek" muscle look explained on pg.142

Anyways, I'm about fed up with this book. I was under the impression it was supposed to make you learn and feel better about yourself, not point out everything that is wrong. I desperately miss my novels, and wont be reading anymore self-help books anytime soon. Ill still tell you how the rest of this book goes, but hopefully I can make like this post and condense it into one or two more postings so we can get on with it.