Feeling Beautiful

So I'm 23 for another few hours or so. I always FREAK out at this time. All I cant think about is how my body and mind have grown a whole 'nother year. I don't feel like I should already be 24- but this bday isn't freaking me out as much. As much. Today I decided I better have a pretty good last day of being 23.

I bought myself a chai latte from Starbucks, ( I never go there because its so expensive!) and got my hair done. I just got some cool bangs and a couple inches off for a healthy trim. It looks pretty good, but I always go through a missing the length phase for a bit. It'll grow. The sweet thing is that almost all of the dye has grown out of my hair and it looks sweet. The best colour on you is the colour you were born with. I also bought myself a really cute dress to wear tomorrow ( going to be a the bf's granny's 90th birthday family extravaganza- but I'm still gunna look darn cute) and a nice top for tonight. My Dad, Step-mom, and youngest sister also came up island for a visit and I haven't seen them in so long it was so nice to see. So today- I'm feeling a little beautiful. On with the book!

Part 2- Feeling beautiful- Hopefully this makes up for part 1!

Ch6- Energy and revitalization- I'm listening Dr.Oz- This is the chapter I have been waiting to read the most. I am permanently tired. Personally I think it's because I don't exercise enough and because my work schedule is a mess, often involving jumping between day, evening, and night shifts. pg 156 says "Let this chapter serve as your literary caffeine-Drink Up! And see if any of the tips might benefit your situation."

the chapter mentioned a lot about seeing the Doctor- but I just hate that- I'm not going to the doctor if I appear healthy- they just wouldn't really care, Id reel like I'd be wasting there time. I'm in the process of depleting the work related stress problem- but well save that for another post my friends~
The only real change I have made is that I am going to try taking a little extra DHA a day. I don't like taking things but if the benefits are so awesome I think I'll give it a shot. Its not too expensive for a big tub.
Favourite tip: A little booze at night keeps your cardiovascular system younger! the even said not just red wine in there folks. yep! you read that right! I with it said ' A LO T' but I'll take what I can get.
Chapter seven was all about pain. I have been lucky enough to be able to count on my hands how many headaches I've had this year ( only 2 migraines) and I know people who get them all the time. I don't have any other type of pain but I totally feel for those who do. Although this chapter didn't pertain to me so much I'd hang onto this book just to be able to help a friend out at some point.

Chapter 8- Get in the Mood.
Straighten out your mind. OK! here we go!
It says a greater sense of community seems to have a major benefit. That totally speaks to me because I crave that sense. I want to make more friends, volunteer, do stuff. I'm totally a social person and since moving here I think this is the area I am lacking in majorly. I'll get there though. I'm getting there.
A fact I didn't consider fun: It says that extroverted personalities and neurotic folks have the highest divorce rates. I am both extroverted and a tad neurotic, although I like to think I keep the neurotic part in my head. I wonder if this is something I can change? Shaun is the exact opposite of this - even though were definitely a lot the same- not opposites in common interests and goals. Maybe I can pick up a few of his behaviours?

The personally quiz in this chapter was a light bulb for me. My personality doesn't really match how I feel about myself. ( see YOU Quiz post). According to this book my personality is pretty much what I'd want it to be... I guess I more or less just have trouble with the physical parts of me.

Chapter 9 was about worrying about stress and money. Im gunna hold off on that post maybe until I read some Gail Vaz-Ox lade too. I probably got her name so wrong.

Anyways so I'm off to go and turn 24. Nervous about meeting most of Shaun's big family! I really just want to chill out and relax. I know Ill have to be social which is fine, I just hope I'm not rushed, I eat good food, and I enjoy myself and try not to be too shy. That's all I can ask for. I don't know If I'll be able to get a picture of my dress but hopefully!
I will try and post again Sunday! <3