Part Three- Being Beautiful/Biology of Love

Love the people in your life, and practice trusting and forgiving them. ( makes me happier just thinking about it!)
Love yourself and all of your imperfections- well work on this.

Chapter 10- That Loving Feeling
.. yay, this is my favourite part! I feel like in the last year most things have gone horribly ( Ill try to think of it as a learning experience), I moved to a new town where I barely know anyone, I am still trying to figure out what to do about my job situation, I don't see my family, I barely talk to my old friends, and although I'm loving my new ones, those kinds of relationships just take time to build. However, one particular aspect of life is finally going right for me- the way I want it to, just as I always wanted it to be. I am in so much love. I have the man of my dreams and I couldn't be happier with how much I love him. I could gush about him non-stop, hes so wonderful, and it makes me think that If I can keep him around I must be doing something right. I cant believe what he puts up with sometimes and that's the driving force behind me wanting to be a better person. Not just for myself, but for him too. He makes me feel more beautiful than anything Dr.Oz can write about, and motivate me more than the good Dr. too...

I have a new love for Dr.oz for trying to help people learn about themselves, and be healthier and happier. We need more doctors with a passion like his. You can tell, although hes famous, and rich etc, he cares about what he does for a living. Its very admirable. Dr.Roizen too but i don't think as many people recognize him as much. I am thankful for them both at this point! Enough of my schpeel- back to the book!

We start off my talking about attraction via pheromones, and the fact that a 'mate'.. I call him Shaun, can detect mine through the perfume and soaps, and still want to live with me makes me as giddy as a school-girl.They explain nerve zero as a nerve that runs from your nose and ends in the brain area that deals with sex on pg 289. They found it in whales and therefore think were similar..haha. hows that for a page-tuner?
The book then explains love, biologically. So interesting! After a few years your body chemicals that makes you happy with someone and give you a sense of togetherness recede; and therefore you need to reinvent your relationship at that point. That explains why a lot of people I know split around 3-4 years. good thing to kind of tuck away in my head.

SEXY TIME! I just have to share the fun fact on page 292 with you!- Men who have sex three times a week can decrease their risk of heart attack and stroke by 50 %-Women who enjoy sex ( holla!!) tend to live longer than those who don't. Great sex makes your body feel and be the equivalent of two to eight years younger-same for men who have 150-350 orgasms a year compared to the average of once per week-Having orgasms also help decrease general pain.

Increasing sex from once a month to once a week,according to researchers, is the happiness equivalent of an additional $50,000 in income for the typical American..... holy shit!?also men have 2.5 times the amount of brain space devoted to sex drive that women do. We really do have more important things to think about :) hahah spilled my coffee at that part... this was my favourite chapter of course.

There will be one last post on this book on Wednesday- then it's gone and I can tell you about what else I've been reading!

Biology of Love