My kittten

Who doesn't love a cute kitten video? We shot this one the first week we got Odin our kitteh. we've had him about 2 months now. Thought this was priceless :)
Do I need to insert the synopsis? I think most of this community has heard of this one. But before you put down the awesome book you're probably reading, think, ' Do I need to read this just because everyone else has?' and, ' Do I feel like wasting a day or two of my life reading this?' because I wish I would have ask myself that.

Here is my goodreads review. It does contain a few minor spoilers.

Oh boy. I am still trying to figure out why so many people loved this book. I consider myself pretty open minded when it comes to reading books in genre's I don't particularly like ( chick lit & romance for example) but I just couldn't get into this one. Usually after a book club discussion, I love the books even more than I did whilst reading them, however that's just not the case with Fifty Shades. Although there were parts I did enjoy, it just didn't do it for me.

I had heard a fair bit about this book before I had decided to pick it up. Quite a few people had told me about the twilight comparisons, and the steamy BDSM scenes and the appeal of the main male character, Christian Grey. I think this spoiled it for me actually. Firstly, yes, I did notice the similarities to twilight particularly in the characters mannerisms (i.e Anastasia's clumsiness). I liked this actually because it helped me get a feel for the characters pretty early on. I actually liked Anastasia's character and her friend Kate. However, I felt that the writing of this book was almost geared to young adults. It was mature subject matter for sure, but I felt the writing style was similar to a lot of YA books I have read, like Twilight for example. It made me feel uncomfortable reading the sex scenes because I almost felt like Anastasia was a young Bella instead of a grown up strong woman with the ability to handle herself in these sexy/kind-of-scary situations ( for lack of a better term). The only grown up strong woman in this book was her "Inner Goddess" who was usually contradicting Ana's actions. I would have much like to read a story about Ana's Inner Goddess and Christian Grey as I think that would have "gotten me in the mood" more.

To say something positive, the relationship growth between Ana and Christian, to me, was the best part. I loved the scene where they are out eating oysters and the scene where Christian takes her gliding.

This book just didn't flow too well, I felt like there was quite a few good story lines that just didn't go anywhere, and a few ideas that were just left hanging. I felt like James was giving us too few snippets of the rest of the story besides the sex parts, and I was curious to know more about the other characters and how they played into the story, like their families, Jose ( people who we never really get to know) and their friends, and Taylor, the butler.

Perhaps this is why it was left on a cliff, and two more books are sitting on my shelf waiting to be read. I liked it enough to read the next two but I'm not sure I would recommend this to anyone other than my romance genre-loving friends.

My book club has decided to read the last two books for July. I was hoping my Bday month wouldn't include  Christian Grey but alas, I  can't just read one book in a series and not finish the others. until the next one my friends!