I received this book from the author for review, and couldn't put it down once I started reading it.

Hogan's novel is about an ex-firefighter who runs away from his past to a very remote fishing island in Greece. He meets a bunch of characters who he cannot help but get to know due to the island's size, and because he has taken a job as the bartender of a popular fishing taverna. He soon becomes involved with the local politics and gossip of the town, and learns a few things about himself he originally wished he could have avoided in his solitary escape.

This Greek island is an aquatic reserve, yet it's inhabitants make a living from fishing.Throughout the story we see pro's and con's to the evolution of these remote areas that have the potential to draw tourists. Coming from my own little "fishing village" on an island, I found the story quite relevant. 

Our main character learns of the love that animals bring to our lives, the importance of protecting them, and the value of culture through Hogan's talented writing style.This story is short, only 195 pages, but it is extremely thought provoking.