Looking Beautiful?

PART ONE- Looking Beautiful

The beginning of the books talks scientifically about how beauty is perceived when we look at something, and based on ' the golden ratio' of phi=1.618, ( lengths from one element to another, the Fobonacci sequence=0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc- each new # is the the sum of the two before it) we subconsciously judge peoples beauty. We prefer a mate who face is symmetrical and follow the 1.6 ratio.... really? I thought this book is supposed to help me have a better self-esteem!? I know without even measuring i don't have a 1.6 ratio. I have a long face, a huge nose etc etc. Come on Oz, you re not really helping at this point!

GREAAAAAAT. Lets start off with the part of my body I despise why don't you. Gee Dr.Oz, you re really NOT winning me over. I have the skin of a 15 year old. Its super oily, and aside from the week after the one bad week of the month- its broken out. Know the weird thing? I take amazing care of it. I've tried every product known to man, and I cleanse, tone and moisturize ( and yes my moisturizer is SPF30) twice a day ( night cream at night) and everything! I keep thinking I'll grow out of it, but I'm pretty sure my hormones are messed, and or I'm stressed out. Ive tried changing my diet, getting better sleep, exercise- you name it- nothing changes my skin. So we'll just see about the rest of this chapter.

Fun fact, it mentions touching reducing cortisol ( stress-hormone which to my knowledge can cause breakouts) and increasing oxytocin( feel-good hormone) and I'm not too big on massage or touch, and I have boyfriend who spends more time touching his beer can,mouse and keyboard than me.... maybe that goes two ways.. but anyways.. I feel a fun experiment coming on!!
Anyways, back to skin care- ok- Maybe I use too much? I need to find something gentle and simple and I don't exfoliate much. I just don't know what to use anymore. I feel like I've just kind of accepted my skin and the fact that I'm wearing make-up pretty much always in public. I am super careful in the sun, and genetically, the women in my family aren't very wrinkled so I think I'm lucky in that sense. its just the flipping break-outs. w..t...f

The book suggests omega-3's over omega 6's. But I already know this. If you have been following this blog awhile, You'll know I have before mentioned my thing for food books. I think I eat relatively healthy. I don't eat very normally, I don't have a B,L,D type of day, but the foods I do eat are filling and healthy. I often snack in the day, and then have a well-balanced dinner. I do have a sweet tooth but I know, aside from maybe my vegetarianism-iron intake situation ( which I am also working on so I can give blood) I am well nourished, and full of omega 3's.. I'm pretty sure. I could be ignorantly just THINKING i eat better than I do, but I really don't think i can complain.

Oh here we go. Stress. Yep. I'm 100 percent sure this is the cause of my skin issues. You finally got one Dr.Oz. OK- so if you re like me- washing your face with a course washcloth ( I currently don't have one :s) and mild soap is the recommendation, then using salicylic acid,benzol peroxide,azelaic acid and vitamin A creams or gels are supposed to work ( although if your like me,it doesn't matter because its the stress that causes them in the first place).

Well so far some fun facts I suppose. Nothing too life changing yet. I will probably post again Tuesday. I've actually almost finished reading this book but Ill space out my thoughts about it like this so you get a better idea of what the book is like.

Also just wanted to say thank you to those who have been reading- I am having the worst trouble with blogger and cant leave comments anywhere :( Dont worry though they are read and appreciated!