The Local Market

Hello ladies and gents!Long time no chat.

I'M STILL WAITING FOR THIS FLIPPING BOOK!! Although I heard that they are a
bazillion truckloads of mail behind since this little Canada Post strike... my
book better be in one of them.

So anyways, until I have something better to blog about I'll tell you what I've been up to. Sometimes, books stick with you longer than you ever thought they would. As a mentioned in the last post, I read Michael Pollan's, In Defence of Food. I've actually read a TON of food
books, and they all pretty much say the same thing- be more conscious of what
you're buying, where it comes from, and what you're ACTUALLY putting into your
body. Every time I read a food book I always walk into the super market with my
measly pay cheque and feel pretty much dooped. Of course we'd all love to by the
farmer's market home-brew foods but really, I know I can't afford it,and I have
a decent job. Or can I?

Today I went wandering around downtown and was thinking about food,(as
usual) and money (or lack of it). In the last couple weeks since reading that
book, I've been thinking more and more about what I am putting into my body and
trying to buy fresh food on the way to work, make more food at home and not
worry too much about the calorie aspect.(in Pollan's book he tells you neat
things like now to get the nutrients we'd get from one apple 50 years ago, we'd
need to eat three today etc)Anyways, so today I'm walking around and thinking
about a latte but the only coffee shops around charge you about 5 bucks a cup,
which I think is just retarded. So , I end up wandering into The Local Market,
and sure enough found some milk in the fridge for 3.99! *Light Bulb* I can
afford to buy some local products like milk (not skim milk, milk with fat and
vitamins) if I just pay a bit more attention. Since I've been trying to pay more
attention I'm noticing a few things.
Firstly-my skin, which is honestly
horrible, looks so much better at this time of the month than it
usually does. I'm not saying its perfect, but its noticeably
Secondly- I am happier! I feel better when I eat better- and when I'm
not counting calories and stuffing my face full of aspartame- the shit bloats
you you know!?
Thirdly, and my most favourite of them all- I tried on a pair
of shorts today, a size 6, AND THEY WERE BAGGY! When you eat real food with real
nutrients and yes, CALORIES, it fills you up and I haven't been snacking as much
on junk. Sure,I rented No Strings Attached last night and indulged in a little
candy, but who cares. I also noticed I didn't eat ALL of my candy, which never

I'm so on board for trying to eat better. Since it's summer, I think it
might be a bit easier. If I end up spending a little more on food,and a little
less on junk I don't need. Today I also found an incentive to eat better. I made
an appointment to donate blood! Being a vegetarian, I know I'm a higher risk for
being a bit anemic, and they test for that before you give, so I'm determined to
munch on leafy greens so that I pass the test!

So that's what I did today. I think this post could very well lead into the
ones I intend to write about the book I'm expecting in the mail. We'll see. If I
knew it was going to take this long I totally would have waited to publish this
blog but oh well. I'll keep you updated in the meantime!
To donate blood call 1-888-2-DONATE. Check it out at


  • Beth-a-knee | July 4, 2011 at 8:43 AM

    I know what you mean about eating right, I'm so on board with that too. I've also been reading tons of food books...we're so on the same page! Good luck with giving blood!