And We're Off!

Welcome! I've been meaning to start a blog like this for so long! I've tried blogging like a journal before but I'd just get stuck on deciding what exactly to put in it, so I decided to try a different approach. So here's to a fresh start!

My name is Alana, I'm almost 24 years old, and I absolutely love to read. Since moving to a town where I only know a handful of people, I have a lot of time to do it! I noticed the other day ( OK it was pointed out to my by a coworker :s) that I always have a book with me. I started thinking about how a lot of conversations I have, the things I'm thinking about, and just in general where my life is at, has a lot to do with the book I'm enveloped in at the time. Books to me really are like a time line of my life I guess is what I'm trying to say.

The intention for this blog is that I will be able to keep track and share my life through these books. There will of course be other content to my posts, the books are just to keep me on some kind of track. It's a good hobby for me and maybe one day I'll have a few followers who might just be into blogging about these books with me. I'll apologize in advance for my lack of writing skills, but this isn't about my horrible grammar, spelling, lack of structure, etc etc.... a few more etcetera's.. It's simply for fun! For example, the date there says JUN.. I dont know how this template is set up to say that, and I have absolutely no idea how to fix it, so JUN it is... moving on...

So here it is. With a weird title that comes from a Jack Johnson song relating to my favourite book, I give you, Red Wine, Mistakes, Mythology, a blog about me and my books.