Beth Revis' Turkish Delight!

Beth Revis, ( as if you didn't already know!) author of Across the Universe and A Million Suns is doing a GIGANTIC thanksgiving (US) giveaway. I mean she's giving away signed copies of every book you want to read.

Once I saw the list, she had me at TURKISH DELIGHT

And now I will tell you about the book I am most grateful for.
That book would be Margaret Atwood`s Oryx and Crake.

This book changed everything for me. I found a true love of reading again, and now live a much more fulfilled life, cuddling up to my books and learning how to de-stress. After the roller coaster of a year I have had, this has been my little escape and I don't know where I`d be without it. It all RE-started with Oryx and
Crake, now proudly, my most cherish book on my shelf, and boy am I grateful. Amazing what a book can do to you. From here!


  • Lan | November 15, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    I'm having a great time learning about all the different books bloggers are grateful for. I haven't heard of Onyx and Crake but it sounds interesting.