Summer Spells.

SO sorry I haven't posted in a week! I know- Shame on me! I have been SO busy lately.

I have had one day off in almost three weeks now. OK, I had two more days off in there, but they were after graveyard shifts so they barely count in my opinion.
I also joined VI Fitness for Women! yep that`s right, I`ve been up in the gyyyyym just workin`on my fitness, as a c
ertain pea with a black eye would say. I have not lost a pound yet but I am already noticing a little bit more muscle tone and energy in myself. I am so stoked to be a gym member finally. It`s never happened to me before! I also got a free body age composition test and to my pleasant surprise, my body age is only 22... two years younger than I actually am! woop woop!

I also went camping for one night ( gotta take what you can get) with my man to McCreight lake, and we had a totally private, beautiful little campsite and saw so many cute little creatures and got a little drunk and had a little campsite fun!;) It was so needed.

So in between all of the excitement I also just finished reading Sarah Addison Allen`s Garden Spells. It was the perfect book to tag along with me to my busy life. It was one of those books where you can easily snatch up a chapter here and there, even if you don't have much reading time.

So Garden Spells. It`s an enchanting little story about two sisters, Sydney & Claire Waverley, growing up in North Carolina in a magical house with a magical gard
en, and a temperamental apple tree. Its a story about family, and love.

Claire Waverly grew up in her grandmothers magical house and learned how to use the special plants in the garden to make amazing food that can help people remember things, feel better, or to help them forget, among other things. Her story in the book is about finding herself and a little love along the way.

Her sister Sydney Waverley was a bit of wild child, denying her Waverly magic and running away from her past, until an unfortunate relationship brings her and her daughter, Bay, to Bascom and the Waverly house where they are both given a fresh start.

There are also some other great characters in the book that I grew to love, particularly Evanellle, the Waverley sister`s aunt who has a compelling need to give people things that they end up needing, although she has no idea why she gives people things until the things become of use.

Overall I really loved cuddling up to this one. It reminded me a little bit of the movie Practical Magic.

This book was recommended to me on Goodreads. So far I have found that if you want to find your next lovely little gem a book, asking for a recommendation on there is great way to get some ideas!