Squeaky Green

I'm back from our hike and very ready for a little reading time! OK, well, I don't have much of a choice since my body is so sore I can hardly move :) Don't worry, I will post some pictures when I get the disposable camera developed... IF they turn out!

What I wanted to share with you ( is the pictures but they're not ready yet!!) is what my most adored regime is right now. I know this post isn't about a book in particular, but books and pampering really do go hand-in-hand for book lovers like us. So when you're out on your next local (hopefully independent) bookstore or local library trip, either before or after you've had your amazing cup of coffee for the morning.. or afternoon, stop by
Lush and check these must-haves out!

Squeaky Green Shampoo Bar
- Lasts SO LONG
- Smells like a Rosemary Heaven
- Actually cleans your hair
- travels perfectly in the Lush Shampoo Tin
- Enviro-friendly! No bottle=no bottle in the garbage!

Jungle Solid Conditioner
- De-tangles & Smooths
- Smells great!~
- Doesn't make your hair feel greasy

Sea Vegetable Soap
- Smells Sooooo yummy like Lime and Lavender
- Exfoliates with seaweed ( I know, crazy!)
- Comes in a cool colour, reminds me of a beach storm!

Sugar Scrub
- Made from fennel & ginger ( you smell like a tree. I couldn't be happier with this smell, and my Mountain Man loves it ;) )
- Makes your skin feel baby-smooth
- Attacks cellulite and help to prevent it!

So after my romp in the woods, it was so nice to come home and smell nice and feel clean. I've been using these products in the shower for a couple weeks now and I just had to tell someone about them. I'm already a HUGE Lush fanatic, but usually I've just tried the fun little things and not ever attempted their hair or skin products. So enjoyable! Enjoy, Relax, Read, and we'll see you tomorrow for Follow Friday :)


  • Lan | August 19, 2011 at 2:21 AM

    Great post Alana. Even if it's not about books :) Not sure if we have Lush stores in Australia but we've got something similar called The Body Shop. Totally agree with you that books and pampering are the ultimate luxury.