Good Omens,Cool Apes

I had an extremely awesome day yesterday. and I'm having a great one today as well. Have to share!

Four cool things happened in my life.
1. I had an awesome interview at the job I'm applying for. However, can't talk about this one too much yet- don't want to jinx it- you understand.

2. I, for the first time, after 56 days of anticipation, donated a pint of blood! Yes, despite being vegetarian, my blood was in tip top shape to donate and although it was a little bit more uncomfortable than I expected, I happily donated some of my blood.

Did you know only 4% of Canada's population donates blood? That's just NOT enough. I was so surprised at how special they make you feel there, like you're actually giving a true gift. I was so happy about this because I definitely don't have the money to donate to any foundations, don't have the time to raise money and train for a race or anything like that, so I felt so good about being able to do SOMETHING. It was really a unique experience and I WILL be doing it again in another 56 days :)

For more information go to or call 1-888-2-DONATE to book an appointment ( Residents of Canada only- I think blood in the states is done through American Red Cross?)

3. I FINALLY watched Planet of the Apes! It was so awesome. Not at all what I thought it would be liked. I loved how it was shown through the chimps perspective. So cool. And James Franco is in it so what's not to like?

4. I finished reading....
Good Omens

by Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman
Mass Market Paperback, 412 pages

Published December 1st 2006 by HarperTorch (first published May 1st 1990)

Goodreads Summary:

Pratchett (of Discworld fame) and Gaiman (of Sandman fame) may seem an unlikely combination, but the topic (Armageddon) of this fast-paced novel is old hat to both. Pratchett's wackiness collaborates with Gaiman's morbid humor; the result is a humanist delight to be savored and reread again and again. You see, there was a bit of a mixup when the Antichrist was born, due in part to the machinations of Crowley, who did not so much fall as saunter downwards, and in part to the mysterious ways as manifested in the form of a part-time rare book dealer, an angel named Aziraphale. Like top agents everywhere, they've long had more in common with each other than the sides they represent, or the conflict they are nominally engaged in. The only person who knows how it will all end is Agnes Nutter, a witch whose prophecies all come true, if one can only manage to decipher them. The minor characters along the way (Famine makes an appearance as diet crazes, no-calorie food and anorexia epidemics) are as much fun as the story as a whole, which adds up to one of those rare books which is enormous fun to read the first time, and the second time, and the third time...

Welll..... I feel like a bit of douche for saying this, since it seems like most people loved it.. but I didn't. I liked the story idea, the jokes were eye-rolling, but still witty, and it's not like I stopped reading it or anything. I think my dislike for it came with the dialogue. There was just too much and so many characters, some of which I particularly didn't like.

I DID like Adam Young and the Them in the book, and I actually loved Anathema and her relationship with Newton.

I respect both of these authors greatly, however this just wasn't the book for me :)


  • Beth-a-knee | August 25, 2011 at 11:22 AM

    Good luck with that potential job! I've donated blood before--only twice. But these days I seem to always be either pregnant or breastfeeding. One day though I want to do it again!

  • Lan | August 26, 2011 at 2:31 AM

    Fingers crossed bout the job! It's great that you're a blood donor. I would do it if I could but I am under the regulation weight limit. Hope all turns out well and keep us updated.