Ramping Up the Reading List!

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. It's coming, I'm reading a lot, I have just been really busy this week. I wish I wasn't so busy, but somethings you just can't help.

I had a question for you all however! I love my little list of blogs that I read dearly, but I was wondering if you guys know of any good non-YA or not all YA review blogs? Since my little blogging circle seems to be all YA. Like to be in the know about some other books too! If you have any good suggestions, please share!


  • Lan | January 25, 2012 at 2:21 AM

    Hmmm Beth at http://sweetbooksnstuff.blogspot.com/

    BJ at: http://www.darksideofthecovers.com/

    Cathy at: http://abnormallyparanormal.blogspot.com/

    All of the above have varied lists of books and are just generally awesome. You should totally check them out.