The Trouble With Love is...

After not posting anything in quite some time, I've been having... cravings.. yes, cravings to blog again. I love reading and I love talking about books just as much as I love reading them...almost! I've never taken any English classes, or computer classes and clearly don't have a clue about what blogging actually entails.
I'm so sick of all the meme's on blogs and trying to navigate through so many blogs that I cant even remember whose I'm even reading.
I don't know how to get into it, how to network, or how to get the ARC copies of new books to review or anything. I've never even met an author of a book I've loved. I live kinda out in the middle of nowhere, and I like it.

So now I dont know what to do. Do I keep up the blog just as a hobby? Do I try and learn more and really get into it? Do I try vlogging? Or should I just stick to goodreads and reading other people's fabulous blogs, and spending a fair iof time on youtube. I do belong to a book club but the other club members do not have the passion for books the blogging community has. I feel like I belong here!



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